Frequently asked questions

What is the differences between Risograph services you provide and publishing projects?

Risograph service is a print only service while publishing are full publication projects, usually editions of 50. 

Publishing projects have a limited capacity as every publication will be handmade, from printing, binding to finishing. 

Collaborations in design, content, etc. are also possible, depending on our availability and your preference. See our past projects here

The following Q&A is mostly about publishing projects/ collaborations - please see Risograph if you’re looking for more about Riso printing!

What type of publications do you do?

We often make books, zines and occasionally special projects in various amounts of content and page numbers- we are quite flexible with it!

What type of work can you publish?

We publish various means of work in forms of publications- poetry, photographs, illustrations, graphics, research projects, etc... 

Why do I often need to publish multiple copies instead of just an one off publication?

Since we are participating in multiple book fairs and distributing them in various ways, and to allow more cost effective options per publication; we advise artists that collaborates with us to often publish at least 20 copies, ideal is 40-50 for publications.

Can I keep some or most of my printed copies?

Yes definitely- depending on the budget, it would be either the artist or The Sandwich Club purchasing a certain amount of copies at unit price/discounted rate; and the artist and us keeps 100% of the profits made from their amount of copies.

Will my publication appear in book fairs or other distribution means?

Yes we will bring your publication to book fairs (if we manage to get a spot), as part of The Sandwich Club’s publications — unless you rather not to

What do  I need to know for risograph publications?

Please see Risograph

Publish/ Comission enquiry

Please send us an email at with the information below to enqire:

  • Name and Contact Email:

  • Brief description of your work to be published:

  • What do you need printing and what size is it?

  • How many and what colours (for risograph)?

  • How do you want it to be bound? 

  • How many copies?

  • What is your estimated budget?

*Please note that we might not be able to respond to every enquiry due to limited capacity :(
*Please see Bookmaking Studio for printing and binding options

Online Store Shipping

Orders will be shipped every Monday, Shipping costs are the same as listed online, we do not make any profit from shipping.

Studio Visiting

Our studio is currently located in London E16; the studio/library is open but we will need an appointment beforehand to do so, please message us on Instagram or email us should you wish to give us a visit