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Printing With Us

Risograph printing services at The Sandwich Club is charged in a fixed rate. Please email us after reading through this page and the pages linked above. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with us on a publishing project/ looking for design services, please see FAQ.

Get a Quote

Please provide us with the following information for a quote:

1. Name and Contact Email
2. What is it that you’re printing?

3. Quantity (min. 5 copies each artwork)
4. Choice of Colours (please specify Front/ Back if printing double-sided)
5. Choice of Paper
6. Do you need trimming?
7. Finished size

What we need

After quoting and if you’d like to proceed, please send us your artwork:  

- flattened and greyscale A3 PDF
- 300dpi
- one file for each colour, specifying the colour in the file name
- a 10mm margin all around the A3 file
- proof JPEG/ PDF file of what you want the print to look like for reference on our end

(see File setup if unsure)

Test print/ Digital proof

Due to the fact that Riso masters are not reusable, we cannot provide free test prints unfortunately. If a test print is needed, an additional fee will be added. Please include the request in email communications with us. 

Alternatively, we can create a coloured pdf from the artwork you supply us as a digital proof. This is also on request and please note that colours of digital previews will not be 100% the same as the printed outcome due to the unique qualities of Riso inks.

We provide trimming service for print jobs at the moment. Fees will be included in the quote.

All files that requires trimming need to include bleed and crop marks.
Please do let us know if you need a template/ consultation on printing different sizes within Riso’s A3 printable area. 

Turnaround times

Quoting requests will be replied within 2 working days. Estimated printing time will be specified in the quote. Printing will start after issuing an invoice and payment from the client. 
Please note that as Riso inks require time to dry, at least one week is needed - subject to change depending on the number of colours used and trimming services required. 

At the moment, we provide self pick-up at our London studio located near a Zone 1 underground station. Address will be provided when the order is ready for pick up.
If you’re from overseas/ outside London, postal shipping is possible but subject to availability and the fee will be added to the order. Please enquire when requesting for a quote.